Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I've been lacking in posts recently, but want to do some more "50" posts in honor of my 50th birthday this year.  So I'm going to give 50 links (not all in one post) of some great, inspiring and  interesting things that I found enjoyable and hope you do to:

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Remember my post last week on our Weight Watchers meeting being eliminated at the new location?


Anyway, tonight was the last Thursday meeting.  We were very distressed to learn that not only was the meeting time gone, but so is our leader.  Despite being told by a substitute leader last week that our leader would be at the new location, she won't be.  And Weight Watchers has given her no reason as to why she no longer has a job.

The only thing she said they've ever been on her case about was to sell more of their processed products.  Apparently our group being the largest and the best at losing weight doesn't matter to them - they just want to see product sells.

Shame on you Weight Watchers!


Mr. Funny Man Hollywood has continued with his comments:


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Over Weight"

I’m overweight – it’s a fact.  I know it, I’m not proud of it – it’s a struggle; but I know I am.  Admitting and accepting that fact is a hard task – having someone tell you that you are is mortifying.  I heard that skinny people do not like to be called “skinny” – they see it as an insult, and though I would rather be called “skinny” then “overweight” (or any other overweight term) – I understand where they come from.  My weight does not define who I am.

Last week big Hollywood producer that tweets any thought that pops in his head without thinking, tweeted this:

Needless to say it caused an uproar, but he couldn’t let it be and when another site picked the story up, he chose to try to switch the blame around on them:

And in his own sarcastic way:

And continuing with the sarcasm:

And finally decided to make everyone else look bad:

I would so wish the flight attendant in question would come forward as I no doubt this individual is well within the healthy weight guidelines.  So his arm came in contact with the flight attendant a few times during the flight- Wow, that must be a terrible thing for a big Hollywood person to have to deal with.

I don’t care who you are – you don’t call someone overweight, fat, skinny, etc…  And you certainly don’t continue with the bashing and expect to not have any backlash from it and then complain about the backlash.  If he truly wanted it to go away, he’d say:  “I was having a bad day, I never should of tweeted that.”  That way, he isn’t admitting he’s wrong (since it’s quite obvious from all his tweets he doesn't think he is), but it is kind of a half  *ssed way of apologizing without really apologizing. 

So yeah, just in case you need to know – it isn’t right to call someone “overweight”.

Not all overweight people are overweight due to over eating (which so many of his supporters seem to think – I won’t even subject you to those comments); some of it is genetic, some may be in the process of losing, some may be sick, some may be on medications……but it doesn’t matter-you just don’t do that!  And since over the years, Dana’s weight has fluctuated, I would think he’d be a little more sensitive to this issue and definitely would know better.

Yes, Dana – your comment was wrong; sometimes it is best to take your phone and just put it in your pocket (I’d suggest putting it somewhere else, but I try to run a clean show on this blog)

Friday, June 6, 2014


Let's talk Weight Watchers.......

When I decided to join WW way back when, I chose a location that worked.  Every Thursday evening CC and I headed to the Mall for popcorn and a movie.  WW was at the mall, so we made it a habit of going to WW, having dinner at Subway, then off to a movie with popcorn.  It worked!!

Our routine changed over the years, we fell off the wagon, rebooted and tried to get back in focus - we even tried a different evening for WW but the time just didn't work.  Despite the fact that, as I indicated in my last post, I was taking time off from WW meetings; CC was still going and well, we're at the Mall - I can shop while she goes to meetings.

Last night I was waiting outside of WW while CC weighed in and I noticed a sign on the door indicating that WW was moving....wait, what, hello????  I then read further and realized that our meeting day and time had been eliminated completely from the schedule!!  That meeting is rather full and a few of the "oldies" we'd been with originally had started back - so I was rather surprised.

CC ended up cancelling her membership last night; no one seemed to be able to give a reason for this change but then she didn't stay for the meeting so we may have missed the information.  But it is very distressing.

I realize that WW has been losing money, mostly due to all the free apps and websites out there, so they look to cut where they can - but why at the expense of your PAYING members?  That makes no sense what-so-ever and I'm beginning to wonder if the WW Powers That Be need to be replaced!

The new location is across town at a hotel and I'm thinking the reason that the meetings are so limited is because they can only rent the room for a few days and they chose to make the days all in a row rather than spreading them out. At the mall the whole space was theirs to use alone and well was like a WW store; I imagine they won't be letting any supplies behind in the new place.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back In The Saddle Again

I feel like I'm finally back on the weight loss track!!

I downloaded the wwdiary app and got that all set up and then I did something I've never done - I prepared lunch for all week long!  Lunch is the hardest meal for me to stick to and lite tv dinners, soups and sandwiches just don't cut it for me.  I do well with leftovers though so I kind of used that as a base.

I buy single wrapped chicken breast at the Dollar Tree.  They just costs $1.00 each and it is a frozen skinless boneless 4 oz. filet equaling out to 4 pt+.   So I grilled 5 of them, one for each day.  I then made a box of Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice (chicken flavored) which I also got at the Dollar Tree.  That box recommends 1 cup servings at 5 pt+, however I did 1/2 cup servings for 3 pt+ and the box made just enough 1/2 cup servings for the week!  I then rounded out the meal with some mixed vegetables (1 pt+ for 2/3 cup).  So I now have an 8 pt+ lunch for each day and to top it all off?  It cost me only $7.25 for all 5 lunches!  It would cost you that (or more) each day if you ate lunch out!  So not only did I save money; I also have a lunch that I'll enjoy eating!  Yay for me!

Breakfast will consist of oatmeal and skim milk (6 pt+).  Dinner will be a little more trying; but I think I can handle that!  Tomorrow will be hamburgers on lite rolls - still not sure of the sides yet.

The Dollar Tree also sells individually wrapped boneless pork chops....I'm already thinking of lunches for next week!  Though I actually could do the chicken all over again (I'm a chicken-holic) I want to get variety into the mix!

Now if I can just get under control for eating out; I'll be doing very very well!